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We're gonna take you to a quick ride of what TomasinoWeb is behind the scenes. From doing org work to having fun, we've got it all here in our own silly world.

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It was the R101 of my third year when I was scrolling for good orgs to join and I saw TomasinoWeb. I said to myself, "Wow this looks like a cool org to join and it looks fun!” At first, I was scared but I still went for it and picked a department that I think I can do well at. Fast forward a few months later, I instantly made a lot of new friends, everyone is very welcoming and super approachable. This is the only organization that I joined that you can truly feel that it's not just work, but also a family. The more I interact with people, the more friends I make. I'm glad I made the decision because every moment I spent in this org was very memorable.

- Daniel Cedrick Flores (External Affairs Staff, PY 2022-2024)

Daniel Cedrick Flores

Magic, madness, heaven, sins

All the fun starts here

Post-Coverage hangouts

Post-Coverage hangouts

After a fulfilling day of taking pictures, writing stories, and taking interviews, we always top the day off with good food [and drinks *wink wink*] with great company.

Random/Sponty Discord Calls

Random/Sponty Discord Calls

Where we discuss the most random of things from 'Antonism' to Dating App bios. Feel free to hop in whenever you see your orgmates hanging out on one of the 'tambay lang' channels.

PowerPoint Parties

PowerPoint Parties

How do TomWebbers celebrate the festivities? By throwing PowerPoint Parties of course! Present the most random things and watch how your orgmates react to your content.

General Assemblies

General Assemblies

The official gathering of all TomWebbers - current and alumni! This is where we discuss where we are now, and of course, where we're headed.

I joined TomasinoWeb on a whim, with no thoughts, just pure ✨vibes ✨, and a lot of "Mhmm... let's see how we'll grow from here." It turned out to be one of the most rewarding risks I took during college. Those spontaneous footsteps led me to a world where creativity knows no bounds, and where I found not just a club, but a second family.

- Maria Juliana S. Rolluqui (Developer, PY 2021-2023)

Maria Juliana S. Rolluqui

We small-talk, work and the weather

And of course, the actual work

On-site Coverages

On-site Coverages

Never been to this place? Or have you already? TomasinoWeb often goes to onsite coverages where our publication reports everything on the ground.

Virtual Coverages

Virtual Coverages

But what if you can't join physically? What if the event is impossible to get to? That's where we convene in our virtual newsroom.

Interactive Meetings

Interactive Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting where all you had to do was say yes, no, and goodbye? That won't be the case in TomasinoWeb. Your decisions and thoughts matter, no matter what meeting it is.

Mentorship and Collaboration

Mentorship and Collaboration

In TomasinoWeb, we encourage collaborations. Though it doesn't stop there! We even encourage cross-department contributions. Expand your horizons with us!

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