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The Official Digital Media Organization of the University of Santo Tomas

Executive Teams

Executive Teams are focused on the operation of the organization

Special Projects
Human Resources
External Affairs
Publicity and Communications
Community Development
Web Technologies Department

The rapid evolution of the Internet calls for rapid innovation. Members of the web technologies team strive to make TomasinoWeb's websites more engaging, functional and aesthetically pleasing-one line of code at a time.
Writing Department

The written word holds great power and the Writing Department wields that power with utmost responsibility. Writers are tasked to intelligently inform, and at times entertain, the Thomasian community to keep them connected with the University and the country.
Creatives Department

Form and function go hand-in-hand. The Creatives Department understands this vital union and applies it to the graphics and posters they create-making them one of the best creatives team in the University.
Photography Department

Photos are lasting witnesses to fleeting moments. The cameras of the Photography Department do not capture mere pictures, they preserve a slice of real life and provide silent testaments to those who see them.
Videography Department

Videos are vibrant anecdotes of life, evoking both visuals and audio to create a multi-sensory retelling of stories. The videographers of the Videography Department tell informative, entertaining, sometimes emotional, narratives through video which allows audiences to fully immerse with the subjects of the stories.


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