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What is TomasinoWeb?

TomasinoWeb is the official digital media
organization of the University of Santo Tomas
composed of students who are immensely
interested in multimedia journalism.

“I was both scared and excited when I joined TomWeb because I knew I was going to work with awesome people who were my inspirations.”
- Justine Reyes, TomasinoWeb Graphic Designer

“I learned a lot as videographer during my stay in TomasinoWeb. I didn't know how to properly shoot and edit videos when I first joined. I’m proud to say that I improved and became a better person.”
- Eugene Balang, TomasinoWeb Asst. Chief Videographer 2017-2018

“Joining TomasinoWeb has been one of the best decisions of my life because i have found friends/family, an opportunity to learn and to make a difference not only in my life but also to my orgmates.”
- Jhads Reduta, TomasinoWeb External Affairs Staff

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