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Versatility at its finest

We live in the digital era and TomasinoWeb wants to explore its potential to revolutionize the way Thomasians access information. As an online student publication, TomasinoWeb explores multiple fields, namely: Writing, Creatives, Photography and Web Technologies. TomasinoWeb gathers enthusiasts of the said fields and assists them in developing their skills, not only in their declared expertise upon entering the organization, but in TomasinoWeb's other core fields as well.

Lead telented individuals

Just like the other university-wide organizations, one of TomasinoWeb's aims is to unravel its members' potential in the field of leadership. However, TomasinoWeb does not simply have ordinary people. TomasinoWeb is a league of extraordinary Thomasians. They are individuals with varying talents and fields of specialization, adding twists to the leadership development process.

Social ground for passionate people

We gather people with the same interests to work together for a common goal. Other than work, the organization also provides a social ground for its members to meet new colleagues and gain new friends, bringing the benefits of both work and friendship to each member.

Imbued with Thomasian values

As an organization of the University of Santo Tomas, TomasinoWeb ensures that it helps the University in instilling Thomasian values in its members. The organization ensures to be of service to the Thomasian community and aid in its involvement in the development of self-reliant communities.